Unidentified Flying Object Entering Cloud Above Ruma, Serbia

I like photography and click around whatever I see, birds, bees, flowers, sky. The other day, to be exact 7/7/2013 evening, I checked the sky through my window and noticed storm coming up here in my home town Ruma (small town in Serbia), so I went to my balcony to make a few clicks. When I finished, simply left the photos on my camera and didn’t check them until last night when I transferred to my laptop. Then I discovered something which I couldn’t see on camera small size preview, something that confused me completely.

This sky I clicked is actually right above the main street in this town and there’s absolutely nothing that can come out of the cloud like that, no towers, no possibility of planes, nothing at all. But on the photo there is something. I simply can’t explain it. Even the possibility of anti-hail rocket is excluded, they are rarely used here because of planes which go low from or to Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla.


Here is screenshot of the same photo with marked object, to help you understand what to look. If you have any idea what this can be, let me know. I really can’t explain.